Participants are wrapped in a golden ribbon, showing the practice of Soma.Research
5th March 2022

Reflections on Soma

Reflections on Soma Angus Balbernie, participant in Soma's development Today, as I’m writing, Storm Eunice blows hard here over Dartmoor, and I’m watching the trees…
A single traced line on the left, and three representations of a hand through a camera phone on the right.Research
3rd December 2021

In conversation with Ania and Bryn

Introducing Ania Varez and Bryn Thomas, who discuss their invitations, the In-Body project as a whole, and the future of dance interactions and technology. We…
4th October 2021

Remodelling Soma: The team reflect on our Bristol R&D week, September 2021

After working on Remodelling Soma remotely from the start of the project, the team gathered for our first in-person R&D (research & development) week at…
4th October 2021

Dancer Holly Thomas speaks about her In-Body invitation, ‘Touch. Rain. String.’

We began In-Body in the summer heat of late June, and as the seasons change, so too do our varied invitations from 12 talented dance…
Two women dressed in different shades of purple relax on a mustard yellow sofa.Research
21st September 2021

In-Body Update!

It’s 3 months into our Arts Council England-funded dance and VR project, Remodelling Soma, and 3 months since we began a unique online journey called…
Soma Dancers, Photography by Leticia ValverdesResearch
6th May 2021

Holly Thomas – a case study exploring VR technology and visual impairment

In developing Soma onward from its prototype Figuring in 2018, we have taken further steps to explore individual experience and how that is shared. We…