Welcome to the Soma Project podcast, a series that goes behind the scenes with the creators of Soma, a participatory performance that uses interactive virtual reality (VR) technology. Join the team as they reimagine access to VR by exploring what lessons we can learn from multisensory performing arts and disability culture.

Episode 1: Entering Soma

This episode takes listeners into the heart of the Soma project, discovering what it can offer audiences: a sensory shift, immersive performance, technological experiment, or something else? Find out about the motivations and collaborations that make Soma possible.

Resources and Glossary
Virtual reality (VR): The use of computer technology to generate 3D virtual environments which can be experienced through wearing VR headsets and interacted with almost as if these worlds are physically there.

Audio Description (AD): Verbal descriptions that are spoken out loud and are produced to describe the visual content in media, usually intended for visually-impaired audiences.

Machine learning: The study of how computers can use data to learn without being programmed.

Quest (known as Oculus Quest): This includes a virtual reality headset (head-mounted display) and hand-held controllers that allow users to interact with 3D virtual environments.

Taylor, Amiah. 2022. The pandemic revolutionised theatre and the performing arts. Get used to seeing plays with a VR headset on. Fortune. Available online here.