In-Body is an invitation to anyone who is curious about exploring the senses and discovering new ways of connecting to their body within their own home.

It was born out of Soma, an in-person performance that offers participants an opportunity to explore our relationships to our bodies, the senses and to the people and spaces around us through movement and VR technology.

In the same way that the Soma performance uses VR to guide you through the experience, In-Body uses everyday technologies in the home to take you on an experimental journey in the comfort of your own environment. It invites you to play with the technology in your life and discover how it can impact our experiences within our bodies and in the spaces around us.

Expect to feel liberated and energised through a monthly connection to 6 dancers who will join you in exploring the different phases of the project over the course of a year, sharing playful interactions. How will you feel? What will change over the year?

As we begin to stretch out our wings after a decidedly unusual year, with ‘Zoom fatigue’ and a renewed sense of adventure, there has never been a better time to re-connect to our bodies and to the world around us through movement and play.

Connect, feel, move.


Launching in June 2021. Sign up to register your interest. #in-body


In-Body is running from June 2021 to May 2022. The dancer’s invitations will be released monthly, each one a chance to engage with your body in different ways and explore environments – at home and locally as well as in the context of virtual bodies and environments created by technology.

The project journey will be responsive to your needs and wants, adapting to however you choose to interact with the individual experiences. You are invited to share your experience with us and with the other participants, but this is not a requirement. There is no pressure to do or to be anything – this journey is yours to make your own.

Making sure you’re ready to begin the experiment is important. You’ll need a space to move in that feels private enough for focused concentration, a yoga mat or other cleared space, and comfortable clothing to move in. You can work independently or within your household group. You also might find it helpful to keep a writing or drawing journal to reflect on the process as you go along.

This year-long journey is built around accumulative phases of movement. We invite you to follow what captures your imagination, finding your own path to embodied awareness and becoming In-Body.

The experiment moves through the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Point of Connection

  • Phase 2: Sounding Objects

  • Phase 3: Ways of Seeing

  • Phase 4: Virtual Play

  • Phase 5: Resonance


specifically in how our connection to our own body, to other bodies and to the environments around us can become lost when we engage with it. We want to make people more aware of its role in our lives; how it affects our senses, bodies, relationships to others and to the world around us.

Through In-Body, we aim to provide an accessible platform for people to experience a sensory agency and physical re-connection to themselves, others and their environments. Our intention is to get people moving and discover points of reconnection by exploring practices which offer a flexing of the senses and a re-connection to body and place which rely on technology, rather than dismissing it.